Governing Body


Full Governing BodyJohn Michael Stuart Acton
Curriculum and ProgressMarion Brown
ResourcesIan Caminsky
Human ResourcesNigel Gibbins


Term is four years, which can be renewed.

Type of GovernorNameTerm of OfficePecuniary Interests
HeadmasterPaul Andrew Ramsey13 May 2009Trustee of BeauSandVer Educational Trust : August 2016
Trustee of of Verulam Charitable Trust 16 August 2012
Sister-in-law employed at Verulam School from 1 September 2012
Chair of GovernorsJohn Michael Stuart Acton16 October 2018Director of DPI Europe Limited from 19 October 2012
CommunityOmar Kareem26.10.2018 to 25.10.2022Chairman - St Albans 20th Scouts. Chairman - Al Bayyinah Saturday School
CommunityGary John Dunger11.01.2019 - 10.01.2023Trustee of Verulam Charitable Trust
Business - Legal : SA Law llp
CommunityBenjamin Clark06.12.2017 to 05.12.2021Director of Hire One (St Albans Ltd) from 1984
Director of BLC Maintenance Limited
Director of Big Bear Property Management Limited
CommunityMarion Denise Brown15.01.2017 to 14.01.2021Director of Elmcross Properties Limited from 1988
CommunityJonathan Robin Pitkin27.02.2017 to 26.02.2021Trustee - Verulam Charitable Trust. Employment - Verulam School from May 2017
CommunitySimon David Threadkell05.02.2019 to 04.02.2023
Co-opted governorNigel Gibbins18.12.2017
ParentJohn Michael Stuart Acton22.03.2017 to 21.03.2021
ParentMelanie Jane Merriden06.11.2016 to 15.11.2020
ParentMark Patrick Kennedy29.11.2018 to 28.11.2022Employment - Deloitte LLP from 2/10/2012
ParentSarah Catherine Brandt29.11.2018 to 28.11.2022
ParentTracey Brodrick16.10.2017 to 15.10.2021Employment - Verulam School from April 2013
ParentIan Caminsky23.04.2018 to 22.04.2022
ParentJon Corrall
Staff TeachingDaniel Tansley04.10.2017 to 03.10.2021
Staff TeachingSteve Hiscock05.05.2017 to 04.05.2021
Staff – SupportTracey Southward14.11.2018 to 13.11.2022
Clerk to GovernorsEmma Corless
SEN GovernorTracey Brodrick
CEIAG GovernorMel Merriden
Safeguarding governorNigel GibbinsEmployment - University of Hertforshire from 1996
Links GovernorSarah BrandtEmployment - Aldwickbury School from May 2016
Safeguarding Governor, (includes Children Looked After and Child Protection Governor) Nigel Gibbins
Equality GovernorNigel Gibbins
Health & Safety GovernorBen Clark
Governor Development CoordinatorSimon Threadkell
DPO/GDPR LeadMark Kennedy

Verulam School ‘s governing body has 18 members, including the Headmaster. All governors serve a four- year term, although many choose to stand for more than one term and are either voted back onto the governing body or stand for re-election depending on the category of governor. The 7 community governors are invited onto the governing body; the 7 parent governors are elected by the school’s parent body; the 3 staff governors are elected by the staff.

What do school governors do?

Governors have a strategic role to play within the school organisation, leaving the day-to-day running to the Headmaster and his staff. Governors need to be clear about the aims and values of the school and prepared to work with the school as a critical friend recognising and celebrating achievements, supporting and encouraging strategies to bring about improvements, but also asking challenging questions to ensure objectives are met. The governing body is one of the key players in the school development/improvement planning process and governors are involved in the review of the school development plan and the drawing up of the priorities for the coming year. Governors receive information and discuss issues at the full governing body meetings (2 evening meetings a term), through the sub-committees (Human Resources, Curriculum and Progress and Resources) and through links with specific departments and sections of the school. Governors are responsible for the appointment of the Headmaster, and are frequently involved in the interviews of other staff, particularly at senior level. Governors are very rarely experts in educational matters. The fact that all governors have different backgrounds and are able to bring a wide range of expertise and experience is of great value to the school. Governors work as a team, both as part of the governing body, and in a wider sense as part of the whole school community. A wide range of training courses and guidance on the roles and responsibilities of governors are available from School Governance.

How to contact the governors

If you would like more information about the work governors do, or have any concerns or queries you would like to raise with the governors, please contact John Acton Chair of Governors by telephone, letter through the main school address. If you wish to email John Acton directly please complete the contact form. Because governors have historically joined the governing body at different times, or a governor may not serve a full term of office, vacancies occur at varying times during the year. If you think you may be interested in joining the governing body as a parent governor, or know of someone in the community who may be interested, we should be very happy to hear from you and discuss this further.

Governor Committee Attendance 2017/18

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

Help and advice with Secondary Transfer 2019

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