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I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the behaviour of a number of boys who are riding their bikes in a number of dangerous and thoughtless ways. If your son cycles to school or merely enjoys cycling after school at the weekend, I would be very grateful if you could discuss the following issues with him:

  • Wheelies are by their very nature dangerous and St Albans Police will be taking a strong line with people who are cycling dangerously.
  • Footpaths are for pedestrians. If you cycle on a footpath you risk injuring others. A local resident and his son were nearly run over on Woodstock Road this week.
  • Pupils should not cycle two or three abreast down any road.
  • The roads around the school are very congested. Pupils may therefore only exit the school via the main gates on Jennings Road as this is the only exit that has a reasonably clear view of traffic.
  • Ensure helmets are worn correctly and fastened properly.

Beacon School for Holocaust Education

This year, Verulam School becomes a Beacon School for Holocaust Education. This prestigious programme, run by University College London, involves just 19 schools nationwide and we are rightfully proud to be a part of it. It enables us to ensure that our students realise the importance of Holocaust Education and that it cannot be overestimated.

Not long ago, and not far from where we live, ordinary people across Europe became complicit in the murder of their neighbours. What will young people’s education amount to if they do not confront this appalling truth?

The Holocaust was a catastrophe, not only for its millions of victims, but also for our faith in human nature. We need to consider what went wrong in modern society that allowed state persecution of political opponents; mass murder of the disabled; European genocide of the Roma; and ultimately led to an attempt to murder every last Jewish man, woman and child.
Learning about such events can be profoundly disturbing. The programme we are involved in, will assist our students as they deal with powerful and sometimes disorientating feelings, helping them to express themselves and to develop their emotional literacy. It also explores how and why the Holocaust happened through detailed historical study of the most extensively documented, intensively researched, and best understood genocide in human history.

Parent Governor Election

A reminder that all nomination forms should be returned by 4.00pm on Monday 2nd October 2017.

P A Ramsey


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