GCSE Latin Trip to Verulamium Museum

On Thursday morning, a group of 12 Latin students from Years 9 and 12 visited Verulamium Museum to take part in their GCSE workshop. The boys were able to put their Latin to good use, translating the inscription over the entrance to the Basilica before learning about death, burial rites and religious practices in the Roman world.

They then explored the clothes that Romans wore, the food they ate and how they spent their time at the Bath house. They were able to try on a toga, (worn to show status,) a special woollen Britannicus cloak to protect the Romans in the British climate, and some very heavy armour and a helmet which the Romans would have been wearing whilst marching 20 miles a day.

Finally, they acted out a Roman satirical play in costume where lower status guests were fed rotten food and drink. There were some lively and stirring performances from the host, the slaves, the ghost and the magistrates! The Year 12 Latin students should be able to use their new found knowledge in their GCSE this summer.

Carole Heselton

Community Links Administrator

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