Duke of Edinburgh

Visiting Buckingham Palace and collecting my DofE Gold Award was a special moment and an experience that I will never forget. The whole day was fantastic, we started off walking around the garden, bright colourful flowers, grass cut to perfection – everything was immaculate and pristine (as you would expect). After this, we were arranged into our designated groups of fifty people where I met two fellow former Verulam students, James Mee and Ross Leopold. There were three Royals and ours was Prince Edward, who is the Earl of Wessex. He asked us questions about our expeditions and one of his questions was did anyone complete their expedition via a mode of transport other than walking.  I replied yes and spoke to him about my canoeing expedition on the River Severn. He was very interested and impressed. We then got our awards and were free to walk around the gardens and go home. Overall, it was a fantastic day and a great way to collect my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, as all of that hard work had finally paid off!

Luke Gibbins

As we mentioned last week, James Mee collected his DofE Gold Award.  James is about to finish Portsmouth Uni too where he has been studying for a BA in Architecture. He is now looking to secure a Part 1 placement before he has to then go on to further study in order to finally get qualified as an architect.   James said that the DofE expedition to Corsica was the highlight of his time at Verulam!


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