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Verulam PTA liaises closely with the school to ensure that all PTA funds donated to the school are spent on projects, items or initiatives that will have a noticeable positive impact for the students. 

Supporting major whole-school development projects 

The PTA has pledged to donate funds to help the school complete major whole-school development pro-jects. As and when details of projects become clear, discussions take place to ascertain which specific aspects would most benefit from PTA funding. Parents are regularly kept informed about major school developments via the Verulam Voice and the PTA Bulletin.

Supporting school departments 

Since September 2011, the PTA has provided all school departments with the opportunity to bid for funds for a specific project or resource through a clear and structured bidding process. A total sum of £5000* per annum is set aside for this purpose. Successful school departments are invited to submit features for the PTA Bulletin to publicise how PTA funds are making a real difference.

Supporting the students 

The PTA also gives students, via the Student Council, the opportunity to request funds for specific projects or items they have identified that would improve their school environment. The students are required to submit business-like bids to the PTA for consideration at the end of the Spring term. A total amount of £2000* per year is set aside by the PTA for this purpose.

Examples of items funded fully or in part by the PTA in recent times 

  • The grand piano in the school hall
  • An iMAC computer for multi-media projects
  • A 3D printer for the Technology Department
  • £1000 worth of books for the Key Stage 3 Renaissance Reading Scheme
  • Audio/visual equipment for the school hall
  • Lighting desks for the Drama Department
  • Sewing machines for the Art Department
  • Cameras for the Photographic Department
  • Industrial cooker for Food Technology
  • Foreign language films to support Spanish and French at key stages 3 & 4
  • Equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme
  • Coach hire for the P.E. Department to transport teams to and from away matches
  • Funding for after school clubs
  • Outdoor benches around the school grounds

and many more…….

Full details of funds raised and allocated are presented in the PTA Treasurer’s Report at the AGM. 

(* total amounts available each year for allocation to school departments or the school council may vary)

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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