Engaging Minds – Yatty Wu – Our Artificial Intelligence Future

November 16, 2018 @ 13:45

Yatty Wu is a consultant at Microsoft and advises companies on how to adapt to the digital era in which we live.

What is the future of work? How do established companies attract and retain younger workers for whom digital technology is not only a tool to be used at work but is also core
to the way they conduct their day-to-day lives? What kind of digital services will replace established trade built over decades that is now declining at a rapid rate?

As a digital transformation leader, these are some of the questions Yatty tries to answer when he collaborates with organisations to redefine customer and employee experiences and transform their operations and products using technology.

His interests include artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven enterprises and augmented/ virtual reality. As recent news stories have highlighted, not only are these technologies transformative to the organisations they serve, we need to also consider more carefully the ethics associated with how they affect society.

Yatty’s recent work includes leading projects to help a leading retailer to use chatbots with AI to engage customers and optimise their operations and to use augmented reality in an experiential marketing campaign to help a travel company excite its customers.

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