Sixth Form Summer Work 2015

Sixth Form Summer Work 2017

SubjectFile Download
Art and PhotographyArt and Photography
BiologyBiology Summer Homework
BTEC Business StudiesBTEC Business Studies Summer Homework
BTEC MediaBTEC Media Summer Homework
BTEC SportBTEC Sport Summer Homework
ChemistryChemistry Summer Homework
EconomicsEconomics Summer Homework
English LiteratureEnglish Literature Summer Homework
Further MathsFurther Maths Summer Homework
GeographyGeography Summer Homework
HistoryHistory Summer Homework
MathsMaths Summer Homework
Maths StudiesMaths Studies Summer Homework
Philosophy and EthicsPhilosophy and Ethics Summer Homework
PhysicsPhysics Summer Homework
Product DesignProduct Design 1 - Project Details Summer Homework
PsychologyPsychology Summer Homework
SociologySociology Summer Homework

Strategies for successful study and examination performance

  1. A long term plan from now to June with key deadlines, exam dates / time and units for revision.
  2. A weekly work plan detailing times allocated to each subject, unit, coursework components.
  3. A plan for maximising coursework marks through early submission for feedback. Students should aim to secure marks a grade above their target in every coursework component.
  4. Weekly slots for learning key terms, quotations, case-studies using techniques advised by teachers.
  5. The use of parallel study materials in each subject to help reinforce and extend subject knowledge.
  6. Completion of past-exam papers, use of mark schemes and examiners’ reports.
  7. Use of learning circles for collaborative revision and division of labour when preparing materials of set topics or units.
  8. A break from part time work in order to concentrate on long-term success.
  9. Any Year 13 students re-sitting AS need to make their preparatory work a key part of their revision plan.


February 12th Year 12 trial examination grades.
March 12th assessment grades.
1st April: assessment grades and full subject comments.

Coursework Deadlines

English Components 40%

Yr 13 Lit SVN/AKQ Thurs 12th Feb

Yr 13 Lit RJS / AKQ First draft Fri 13th Feb Final Draft Fri 20th March

Yr 13 Lang Lit SVN/JT Thurs 12th Feb Yr 13 Lang Lit SVW/RJS Fri 27th Feb Yr 12 Lit Thurs 2nd April

Product Design 50%

Practical Completion 13th March Pre-submission 27th March

Final submission 1st May

History 20%

History Coursework. Deadline 31st March 2015.

Science 20%

ISAs/ Coursework completed by Thurs 2nd April

Art / Photography 60%

Monday 9th February

Sixth form Interventions Spring Term

Year 13Maths AKM 6c
Sociology for students with AS re-sits
Further Mathematics S2 DKC 6a
Biology JEE / RBN
Further Mathematics M2
DKC 6a
Further Maths AKM 6c
Chemistry DJP
Physics ALS / MSM / CMH
Business Studies DVR
STEP prep AKM 6c
Sociology Economics
Year 12Maths DAB B2 ANH B3 JLH B6Biology JEE / RBN (selected students)Chemistry DJP (selected students)Physics ALS / MSM / CMH (selected students)
Maths DAB B2
February Half TermBusiness Studies examiner
Easter Holidays 1st week only w/c 6th AprilBank HolidaySociology AS Maths AS/A2Sociology A2 Maths AS/A2Economics A2 PsychologyPsychology
May Half- termMaths AS/A2Maths AS/A2Tech
  • Tech examiner in school Thursday 18th December Year 12/13
  • Maths and Sociology started in Jan 2014
  • Science, Business , Economics to start after Feb half-term
  • Further Test in Tech Thursday 26th March
  • Inset day 15th Further tests in Psychology and Maths
  • Inset Day 20th Further tests in Sociology and Further Maths

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