Zell Am See ski trip

We left on Friday 15th February. In the sports hall we had our warm ski hats on, but we had to wait about 2 hours to load the bus (we had a lot of luggage). Everyone had lots of hand luggage too (mainly sweets and drinks) to pass the 21 hours on the bus. We watched a few movies – the best one was Eddy the Eagle. We went through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. When we got to Austria we had an amazing view of the mountains where we would be skiing. We saw another ski resort on the way, but none were as good as the one we went to because ours was top quality.

When we got to the hotel we shared rooms with other boys from Verulam. There were some big rooms of 9 and small rooms of 4. Most people will remember the vending machine in the hotel lobby and how sticky it got after people tried to open their drinks. There was also a dining room where we had our meals, our favourite was chicken and chips. The hotel was great and the older children said it was better than the last one.

We did our first day of skiing on Sunday. At this point boys were put into groups that would be changed throughout the week of skiing. We were lucky enough to be skiing in a fantastic resort with a variety of fun slopes, and runs for all levels of skiers. By the end of the week groups had changed a lot to allow for faster learners to progress into doing harder slopes in a higher group. Skiing was great fun for all of the kids on the trip, and I am sure many are now far better skiers that they were before the trip.
In the evening we would have an evening activity, these included: ice hockey, swimming, watching a movie/football. Most children enjoyed doing these activities, a favourite was watching the ice hockey match, the atmosphere was great and all students looked to be having a great time.
It was the best ever school trip. Thank you to the teachers.
Teddy Marcey and Edward Moyses 8H

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