Year 8 Football Squad – Rewards Afternoon

On Monday 12th November, the Year 8 football squad spent an afternoon with two professional football coaches from Watford Football Club. As a reward for consistent positive behaviour over the course of a month, each boy deserved a place on this bespoke training session that Mr Pettitt and Mr Tansley organised. They arrived at the Games Field with an enthusiasm to get involved.

Verulam School St Albans Hertfordshire

The coaches ran two training drills simultaneously: one coach ran an exercise to help responses to defending, while another ran an exercise to get the boys to think about tactical positioning within the game. Attackers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers specifically worked on their role which fed into working as a team. This helped the squad build their skills and focus on aspects that can hopefully be put into practice in their next game! Well done boys!

Mr J Pettitt and Mr D Tansley

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