Year 7 Town Trail

The Year 7 Town Trail on Tuesday in the returning spring warmth: 184 boys enjoyed the open spaces of Verulamium Park, as well as, the Roman Museum and the Abbey.

Three Humanity subjects: Geography, History and RE used the Town Trial as an opportunity for the boys to collect information and experiences to use directly with projects in the classroom.

The Geography Department were developing field work skills and studying the ‘Sense of Place.’ This is a subject area in Geography that explores how, as individuals, we relate differently to a place. So through the boys’ observations during the Town Trail and further research, they are able to create a detailed written report with graphical presentation of their own perception of what the City is like.

History uses the experiences of visiting the Hypocaust and the Museum to explore life in Roman times. The highlight for the boys is the handling session. Laid out on tables in the room are a number of Roman artefacts that the boys handle and explore. The boys rise to the challenge of what each artefact was used for and argue fervently with the guide, concluding that the only significant change since Roman times is our society’s abhorrence of slavery.

The Abbey is a quieter and calmer experience. The Abbey provides guided tours for the boys to explain the importance of the Abbey within the community of St. Albans. The boys and the staff are guided around the cathedral to understand more about its purpose, objects and secrets. This tour will be a basis for RE lessons on Christianity. This trip, exploring their home school environment, is the first of many opportunities that the boys have at Verulam at learning beyond the classroom.

I would like to add my special thanks to the staff that supported the day and a special praise to the boys. Taking a whole year group and placing them on display all day around the main public locations of St. Albans, not only shows our pride and belief in their behaviour, but also their own self-awareness of good behaviour and pride for the school. They are truly all ambassadors of the school. WELL DONE YEAR 7.

Mr Woodville

Head of Geography

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