Year 7 Humanities Town Trail

Tuesday 6th March 2018 Have you handed in your forms?

Year 7 students will visit Verulamium Museum and the Hypocaust as part of their history studies on the Romans; the trip will include a tour and workshops at the Cathedral.

Students must register at the meeting points outlined below from 08:30 for an 08.45 start. The day finishes at 15:30. Forms have been issued to allow you to indicate how your son will reach home. It is important we have this information in advance.

BCH to meet at Museum Steps 08:30 JPY to meet at Westminster Lodge 08:30

Boys should wear full school uniform and require:

A waterproof/warm coat
A clipboard with pencils
A packed lunch and drink (lunches should be quick to eat as time is limited)

To cover this activity by the School’s insurance and to conform to Herts County regulations, the Parental Consent form (OV7A) must be completed and returned prior to the trip. Failure to return the duly completed forms will result in your child being unable to join the trip. The cost of this trip, covering the Museum and Cathedral tours, is £5. Payment can be by cash, by cheque (made payable to Verulam School) or via our preferred method of paying online via ParentMail by clicking on the CED Town Trail payment option in your ParentMail account.

During the day, we expect students to engage fully in the day’s activities and demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour. However, if a pupil behaves unacceptably, he will be required to either return home or will return to school and parents will be contacted.

Finally, I should stress that the event will proceed even though weather conditions may be inclement, so please ensure that boys come fully prepared.

Mr N Woodville Head of Geography

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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