Year 7 Enterprise Christmas Fair

Friday 1st December saw Christmas descend on Verulam with a Year 7 Enterprise Christmas Fair. A month ago, the Year 7 boys were given £10 per form and asked to come up with ideas about how to get the most profit with a stall idea.

The boys planned meticulously and each form had a committee who decided on the final ideas.

7B decided to make their own version of (non-alcoholic) beer pong, customers had to try and throw a ping pong ball into various cups to win prizes. They also sold out in record time making their own waffles and milkshakes.

7C decided to put second-hand books to good use and sold lots of pre-loved magazines; the left overs were donated to the Library. They also photoshopped a range of celebrities and charged for a guessing game.

One of 7H’s Dads (Mr Allen) is a professional magician and so donated his time to 4 sold out magic shows. They also used the big screen to raise money by hosting a Fifa tournament on the Xbox.

7J were the most creative team, selling Christmas decorations made from collected pinecones which they spray painted with festive themes. They also organised a fun game of blindfolded candy cane picking!

7P had a delicious cake sale and a challenging game with people having to knock down targets. They also provided a very popular chocolate fountain – I’m sure you can spot a common food trend here!

And finally, 7Y held a competitive magnetic darts championship, whilst satisfying guests’ sweet tooth with a popcorn and candyfloss sale.

All of the boys were praised for their amazing team work and entrepreneurship. There are clearly some budding business leaders amongst us. We are really pleased at how enthusiastically they took on the challenge. Prizes were awarded for the best dressed classroom, best team, most creative stall, most raffle tickets sold and most profitable stall.

The individual form’s winnings will be announced on our Facebook page, but the initial count has shown that we raised £2000 – an amazing achievement!

A big thank you to the PTA, especially Kate and Sue, as well as all the volunteer parent representatives, the form tutors and most importantly, the boys, for a brilliant end to a busy first term as Verulam students. They are truly a credit to the school.

Miss L Nelson

Head of Year 7

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