Year 10 and 11 English period 7 Silent Study

I would like to remind boys and parents that I run a silent study session in Room 4 every Thursday after school for one hour. Boys can come and use my range of English study guides, flash cards and other resources to help them to revise for their GCSE exams this summer. I am also available to answer questions/give advice during the session. This is an optional session and boys who attend need to abide by the rules – work in silence unless they are discussing an issue with me; no phone/headphones.

Please note that if your son has an intervention on a Thursday after school, then he must attend the intervention, he cannot come to Silent study in place of planned interventions. However, if your son is free after school on Thursday, then this is a good opportunity to use a range of different study guides to help with independent revision.

Mrs P Avery Head of English

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