Verulam’s catering gets a face lift

Your son or daughter may well have come home this week to tell you about the new Sixth Form café or the fully refurbished dining room and kitchen. You may be wondering what this is all about….so we thought we’d show you.

The Sixth Form has gained a new café – open from 8am in the morning until 2.30pm in the afternoon. It serves coffee from a truly space age looking coffee machine, tea, smoothies and all the usual drinks. It also serves hot food, sandwiches, fruit and puddings. The Sixth formers can now get delicious, healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day and they have a redecorated and newly carpeted social area in which to eat and take a break from studying.

The Sixth Form now also has 2 large areas in which the Sixth Formers can study when not in lessons. The first is a group study area and the second is a completely silent individual study area. The Sixth form team: Mr Base, Mrs Harding and Mr Fletcher are on hand to supervise and support the students.

The kitchen and dining room have been refurbished and the menu has been updated and extended. It is open for breakfast, break and lunch. Food is being made from scratch with a main meal every day plus vegetarian and vegan options. This week’s menu has included roast pork with roast potatoes, stuffing and seasonal vegetables, tomato, feta and pesto tart, and penne arrabiata. There are hot and cold puddings and a particular favourite – chocolate brownies where the sugar has been replaced with dates – tastes gorgeous and totally healthy.

As you can imagine, we have many more students using the dining room and café. We want to make sure that they can all be served as quickly as possible. You can help us to do this by making sure that your child’s card always has money on it. To do this, simply log in to your Parent Mail account, go to Accounts, then Dinner Top Up and use your debit or credit card to add money.

Kate Locke School Business Manager

For advice regarding gaining a place at Verulam School for your son via the Continuing Interest process, or for queries regarding appeals, please contact Ms K Bonass on 01727 754102 or [email protected]

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