Verulam Sixth Form – University Challenge

On Friday 7th November the Sixth Form students undertook a University Challenge event.

The underdogs plus their secret weapon – Miss O’Kelly.

The Year 13 favourites – complete with their own secret weapon, wearing a familiar hat – Mr Toley. In true geographers’ tradition, he brought his own colouring pencils.

Unfortunately for Year 13, despite the hat and the colouring pencils they had not reckoned with the quiz behemoth that is James Stewart (No, not that one from “A wonderful life”). The Year 12s won the quiz by the narrow margin of 125 points.

It was only right and proper for James to collect the victor’s trophy. The losers were magnanimous after the competition. Harry Davidson expressed his disappointment that there were no questions on Brexit, and suggested it was unfair asking questions about Arsenal (he has only supported them for 17 years) and that the geography questions favoured the other team as their geographical knowledge was far superior.

Mr R Skipper
Head of Sixth Form

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