Verulam Choir: the past and present

Verulam School St albans HertfordshireOn Thursday, the choir visited the New Greens Social Club to entertain some elderly residents during for a Christmas lunch.

The boys’ audience were thrilled with their performance, and there several comments about the quality of the singing and what fine young men they are.

The highlight of the visit was talking to a gentleman who was a student back in the late 1930s, when the school first opened. He had many fascinating stories of which I was only able to listen to a few. His carer is interested in him visiting the school to talk to small groups of parents and I think it would be a marvellous opportunity for everyone involved to learn from one another.

The best story he told me was when he was on fire duty in 5th form. This would be carried out by pairs of boys who would be on lookout and sleep in the school overnight. He said that he and a pal piled all the library desks up and slept in their bunks about 5 metres in the air!

Mr D Southorn

Head of Music

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