Verulab Science ECCO Club has begun a project to make Verulam School more environmentally friendly. In the lunchtime club we have so far started to investigate going plastic free, installing solar panels and a wind turbine, do more recycling and more.

Part of the project also includes the adoption of the waste land next to the Science block to make a wildlife garden. So far, we have set up a plot where we have planted bee friendly wild flowers and we will monitor which flowers attract the most bees. Over the coming weeks, we will be investigating the importance of our endangered insect friends and the impact on the human race if they were to die out completely.

Other projects we hope to do is to tackle the pond to make it more wildlife friendly, planting butterfly friendly plants such as Buddleias and attracting more wild birds.

The boys have been very excited by these projects and will learn a little more about the environment and ecosystem of our precious Earth as they go along.

Miss Howells and Mr Knowles

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

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