Tim Marshall

Geography A-Level Students were treated to a special guest appearance lecture from bestselling author Tim Marshall. His books have been recognised by many as outstanding wider resources that support the student’s wider geographical context. “Prisoners of Geography” and “Divided” have both reach number one on the Sunday time’s bestseller list and Tim is a regular foreign correspondent on Sky News.

Tim talked to the students for over an hour on geopolitical issues and tensions that exist due to divisions. The talk was focused around the divisions which is the main theme of his second book “Divided”. This covers the knowledge that more walls are being erected around the world. Our nationalism and identity are on the rise once again and this redefines our political map.

The reasons for the walls is because we divided ourselves through wealth, education, religion and political views. Brexit has divided Europe but we have also seen these divides in China between rural and urban and USA with the Mexican border. To see how the world can be divided yesterday and tomorrow, is important to see what the developments in the world may be.

The students ended the presentation with a Q and A session where they were able to ask questions about chapters in the book and key questions link to the specification and exam board. Tim was kind enough to stay late into the afternoon to sign copies of his book and take some pictures with our students.
I advise all parents and students to read the books and not those just studying geography as understanding the worlds people will help us all in the future.

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Mr N Woodville
Head of Geography

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