STEM club

It’s been another fun filled half term for our STEM club students. We have enjoyed designing and building a transport system to carry tomatoes down the side of a mountain (without being squashed!), making balloon rockets and testing the effect of friction, and finding out which jelly sweet is the stretchiest when heated up!

We are also very excited about the rest of the year. Our STEM club has been chosen to compete against 4 other teams in Hertfordshire in the Water Aid water challenge led by Affinity Water. Representatives from Affinity Water will be leading a number of sessions next term to help our students prepare for the challenge. We are very much looking forward to working with them on this exciting project!

In addition, we are hoping to invite representatives from TfL to join us at STEM club to lead some activities. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to spend time with people working in STEM fields every day. We are very grateful to Mr Leyshon for offering us this opportunity.

Mrs A Cornmell

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