Stem Club

This year STEM club have completed a huge variety of activities including making bath bombs, catapulting fake snow, reading binary, building river crossings with TFL and working with the National STEM Clubs on making movies.

However for the last 5 months STEM club have been working on a project with Affinity Water and Water Aid. The project had three aims, firstly to raise awareness of water usage and waste, secondly to raise money for water aid, and finally to improve the design of a VIP toilet to be used in less developed countries where access to basic sanitation facilities is limited.

The boys split into three teams, the campaign team, design team and fundraising team and met every Monday lunch time to plan for the project and then to organise activities and presentations. They have presented in assemblies run surveys across the school organised a non-uniform day and cake sale and using 3D modelling and laser cutting made a scale model of their improved VIP toilet design – the Verulizer. The Verulizer had a wide range of features to make it more usable and accessible from solar panels powering LED lighting systems to rotating waste collection to allow the waste to be used as fertilizer.

This week the project came to a close as the boys were invited to present to representatives from Affinity Water, Water Aid, Herts University, 3 other schools and the Mayor for Welling. Their presentation was excellent and they were praised for their innovative ideas, marketing skills, use of social and print media, use of technology and for their outstanding team work. Special mention was given to the fundraising team as Verulam STEM club raised over £1300 for water aid which was the highest total for the four schools. A huge well done to all involved.

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