This week our STEM club were excited to be joined by some representatives from Affinity Water to start “Challenge Water 2019”. Affinity Water has joined forces with Water Aid to run the challenge.

Our STEM club students, assisted by our 6th form Maths Captains Ben and Josh, spent Wednesday afternoon understanding about water usage in the UK and across the world. We were also inspired to learn how Water Aid is working towards its goal of reaching everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

We all really enjoyed the afternoon and learned so much about water usage, the water cycle and the transportation and usage of water and waste in other parts of he world.

The challenge has begun so the hard work starts now for our STEM clubbers! We cannot publish too much at this stage to avoid giving any of our secrets away to the other Hertfordshire Schools competing!

Thank you once again to Affinity Water and Water Aid for such an interesting, inspiring and engaging afternoon. We are looking forward to the second stage early next month.
Verulam School St Albans Hertfordshire Verulam School St Albans Hertfordshire

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