Spanish Exchange students

On Thursday 15th November our Spanish Exchange partners arrived in England to stay with our families. They were excited to come to school with us on Friday morning where they came to our forms and our first two lessons of the day. They then had the rest of the day to explore St. Albans. After school all our students and their exchange partners got together to have a party.

Over the weekend they spent time with their host families and enjoyed a variety of activities such as: visits to London, football matches, bowling and many others.

For the rest of their stay they went on visits to Oxford, Windsor and Stratford- Upon-Avon.

After a wonderful stay in the UK, they departed for Santander at 4am on Thursday 22nd November. I’d like to say thank you to our families for all their efforts.

Also, on behalf of the Spanish families and the school in Santander, I’d like to say a massive thank you to our families for extending such a warm welcome to our exchange partners, who all said that they’d had a wonderful time.

Personally, I’d like to thank our boys for being such great ambassadors for our school and for making me proud!

I’m really excited about our trip to Santander in April 2019, as are our students, and I quote some of them here:

‘I think that the Spanish Exchange was a good opportunity to meet and get to know Spanish people’ ‘I think that the Spanish Exchange is such a good experience and a fun week’
‘It was like having a friend over for a week’
‘I have improved my everyday Spanish and I’m looking forward to learning more’

‘It’s a very good way to make friends and I’ve made many’

Rosana Encina-Hernandez

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