School Council Meeting

Charlie Thomas (Y9), Sam Logie (9), Jamie Escuder (Y8)

With a new refreshed school council, this year we endeavour to add further improvements to this school to ensure it can continue to achieve excellence. The first meeting received a fantastic turnout of 25 students from multiple year groups; with a further three boys willing to join.

In this meeting we covered certain aspects including funding for new lockers, an updated, and more efficient canteen system and reviewing the current behaviour system. PTA are fundraising to allow the school to buy 400 new lockers which should enhance the appearance of the school and the experience of all our students. Also, the canteen is being redesigned to make it more spacious/efficient. The plan is to take away old lockers, shift the tills and redecorate the area. With these improvements, we hope to change the school for the better and will continue to do so in our next meeting.

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