Santander Trip

Over the Easter holiday some of our Year 10 students went to Santander to stay with their exchange partners who visited St Albans in November 2018.

On the first day we visited Bilbao in the Basque Country, and we went to the Guggenheim museum as well as the city centre.

Over the weekend and each evening, they spent time with their host families and enjoyed a variety of activities such as: visits to different towns, football matches, sea sailing, swimming, bowling and much more.

During rest of the stay we went to Picos de Europa, Potes, Lierganes, and the amazing Parque de la Natualeza de Cabárceno, known to be the one of the largest enclosed natural parks in Spain.

While on the trip, students had the opportunity to go on cable cars, taste different Spanish dishes, speak in the target language and discover three different regions within Spain, something they realised and appreciated!.  They also experienced a few lessons in their host’s school in Santander where classrooms still have chalkboards and individual desks, very different to theirs!

Personally, I’d like to thank our boys for being such great ambassadors for our school and for making me proud! Also, I’d like to say a massive thank you to our families and to Verulam School for their support before and during the trip.

This trip has definitely been a fantastic and unforgettable experience for the students as well as for myself.

Miss R.E Hernandez

MFL Department


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