Royal Institution of Engineering Master classes

The Royal Institution of Engineering Master classes consisted of 6 sessions on Saturday mornings held at Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley.  They started in January and finished on Saturday the 30th March culminating in 4 students receiving Certificates presented by a senior engineer from Sir Robert McAlpine who were the main sponsors of the course.

The pupils selected from Verulam were Faizan Qutbi, Sean Tidd, Johnny Wilding and myself, Oscar Afonso-Trindade.

Starting in January, practical sessions involved learning about certain engineering processes: the engineering behind the manufacturing of paper, the engineering involved in vehicle safety.…and working in groups to solve engineering problems such as: designing buildings to withstand earthquakes, robotics, water supply and distribution, the designing and making of a “Mars rover”.

I particularly enjoyed the water and supply distribution as I found it enjoyable and challenging. This exercise involved the distribution of water using tubes, straight connectors and right angle connectors. What was particularly challenging about this exercise was that this had to be done with the economical constraints of purchasing land and the challenges of different types of terrain.

Robotics was another highlight for me as it involved electronics, which is a lunchtime Ecco club that I thoroughly enjoy run by Mr Hall.

All in all, I enjoyed the hands on aspect of the course and the team effort in producing prototypes of our solutions to the engineering problems we were faced with. It’s opened my eyes even more to a career in engineering.

Oscar Afonso-Trindade 9B


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