Pupil Awareness

Police have notified school of an increase in thefts and threatening behaviour towards individuals and pupils around the local area. They have asked us to share their advice about how pupils can keep themselves safe.

St Albans Neighbourhood Inspector Adam Such said: “We would like to make parents aware of a recent number of incidents involving muggings and anti-social behaviour in Cell Barnes Lane and by the shops. We have arrested four young people and they are currently under police investigation. However, we would encourage young people to walk to and from school with their friends, avoid unlit areas and make their way to a public place if they feel unsafe or need help from an adult. We have increased police patrols and are working closely with schools and external agencies to put a stop to these unusual incidents – however, for the safety of school pupils and the wider community, please also follow this advice:”

The police advise pupils to:

  • avoid talking on your mobile phone or listening to music using headphones as this can distract you and prevent you from hearing any potential danger signs
  • consider buying a personal safety alarm and carry it with you in case you need to sound the alarm
  • keep bags closed and be extra careful if carrying a bag in the basket of a bicycle
  • if someone grabs your bag, let it go as the contents can be replaced
  • walk confidently and be alert of what’s going on around you
  • if you feel unsafe or suspect you are being followed, cross the road and head to a safe public place
  • avoid using cash points or ATMs when there are people hanging around
  • avoid short cuts and dark isolated areas, vary your routine and be discreet when handling cash, phones and wearing jewellery in a public place.

Mrs J Harrison

Pastoral Director

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