PTA Update

Open Day Thank You

First of all a very big thank you to the 20+ people who turned up to help set up, serve refreshments, keep teachers and Ambassadors hydrated – not to mention clearing up afterwards. And of course a huge thank you also for all the cake and (600!) doughnut donations, which were all devoured and much appreciated with some spare to give to the FEED project.

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

Uniform Sale – Saturday 7th October

Our next uniform sale will be held tomorrow from 10.30am to 11.30am in the Dining Hall.

Giving a couple of hours to raise funds for the school

As all our volunteers discovered on Saturday morning, getting involved and supporting PTA events is a great way to meet other parents and some of the teachers, to get to know more about the life of the school and to help raise money for exciting projects and ideas that the boys have – from new lockers, to bamboo bikes and table tennis tables. We always need help at our events and new ideas to raise funds. If you can help in any of the following ways, or are interested in finding out more please contact me at [email protected]

Year 7 Quiz Night Friday 13th October

Setting up in the afternoon and running the event during the evening.

Glitter Ball Saturday 11th November

Setting up during the Friday and Saturday afternoons and staffing the bar during the evening.

How your organisation can raise funds for the school

If your organisation provides fund matching, this is a fantastic way of boosting the amount of money we raise for the school, with very little time and effort. If you’re not sure, it’s worth checking and could be worth £1000’s for the school.

Raising funds by shopping online

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

When you buy anything online – your weekly shop, annual holiday, car insurance etc. – you could be raising a free donation for Verulam School PTA. Around 3,000 retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva and Sainsbury’s donate a percentage of the amount you spend to say thank you for shopping with them. We now have 40+ supporters (thank you!) who have raised £1000 just by signing up to easy fundraising – so we still have huge potential to raise more for the school. It’s really simple, doesn’t cost you anything and there is an app you can download to make it even easier. Please visit Verulam PTA Webshop, sign up for free and start shopping – your donations are collected by easyfundraising and automatically sent to the PTA account. That’s it!

Julie Williams

PTA Chair

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