Primary School STEM Workshops

Year 5 students from Maple School and St Peters schools joined Mrs Cornmell and Ms Howells for STEM workshops this week.

The students began by making Newton’s cradles with marbles and lollipop sticks.  The enthusiasm from students at both schools was infectious.  Mrs Cornmell really enjoyed explaining the mechanics behind why the cradles work and the careful measurements required to ensure the marbles were able to strike each other to pass on the momentum.  The students all listened carefully and their final models were absolutely outstanding.

The second part of each of the workshops was led by Ms Howells and saw the students making sparklers by dipping splints in glue and three different metals before lighting them in Bunsen burners.  The students were so excited to learn how sparklers are made and had a fantastic time holding the splints in the flames and watching them sparkle!

Both sessions ended with a spectacular chemistry display by Ms Howells.  The students learned how group 1 metals react with water (behind glass for safety).  The students were amazed by the different reactions (and the final explosion!)

We would like to thank Mrs Horn for all her help in preparing the materials for the sessions, our 6th form chemists for their help in the workshops and the students and staff of Maple and St Peter’s schools for their enthusiasm and hard work.

Mrs Cornmell and Ms Howells






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