Pi day

On Wednesday this week, the world of maths celebrated Pi day (March 14th – 3.14). Pi (Π) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Our students enjoyed learning about how circles play a part in so many of the subjects that they study at Verulam. A few examples of how our teachers included Pi in their lessons are:

History included the Mayan Calendar in their lessons;
English teachers asked students to write sentences with the number of words equalling the digits of Pi; Science club students made planets from balloons;
Food technology students made circular cookies;
STEM club students made spherical structures out of jelly beans and cocktail sticks;
Music students and composed pieces by mapping the digits of Pi to certain scales;
Maths students calculated Pi by measuring circumferences and diameters of numerous circular objects to amazing accuracy and drew bar charts using the digits of Pi to produce beautiful “Pi lines”.

A big thank you to everyone for helping us to celebrate arguably the most important number in maths!

Mrs A Cornmell

Maths Department

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