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Headmaster’s Commendations

This week, 4 members of the school council – Owen Caminsky, Tariq El Jumaily, Sam Logie and Charlie Thomas – gave a most impressive assembly on democracy and the hundredth anniversary of the 1918 Representation of the People’s Act.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the creation of much outstanding coursework in a variety of subjects. This week, I have been particularly struck by the quality of work produced by the Year 11 pupils in Technology. I would, therefore, like to award Headmaster’s commendation to Tolga Orak and Louis Murray for their superb work in Graphics.

I have also enjoyed watching the development of the Year 11 Food Technology group as they develop their coursework recipes. All the pupils have shown a dramatic improvement since the start of the course and the quality of food they are now preparing is mouth watering. I have been particularly impressed by Russian style puddings, delicious fruit and chocolate tarts and a delightful clafoutis. I would therefore like to award a headmaster’s commendation to both Year 11 Food Technology classes.

I would also like to recognise progress of Abdul Khaher in Year 9 who has completed the LIFE course with the St Albans Fire Service.

Coursework deadlines loom near

As GCE and GCSE coursework and controlled assessment deadlines are approaching, I would like to draw parents’ attention to the new policy on the reviews of centre assessed marks. Essentially, all candidates will be told their marks and have an opportunity to request a review of marks if they have reason to believe marks have been allocated incorrectly. For this reason, the deadline for GCE and GCSE coursework is Monday 5th March, apart from Technology and Computer Science, which has the later deadline of 23rd March. A copy of the full policy has been sent to all parents with pupils in Year 10 and above.

Mills Match 2018

The staff team have already started a serious training programme on Friday evenings and one senior member of staff is seeing a physio to ensure he can give his best performance on the day.

P A Ramsey

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