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Cycling and Road Safety

Whilst I am delighted that so many of our students are now cycling to school, I remain concerned by the dangerous behaviour of a minority of young cyclists. This minority do not observe the Highway Code and can cycle all over the road often two or more abreast. This has caused a number of near misses near the school in recent weeks. Even more worrying is a tiny minority who are “playing chicken” with cars.

The local police are also concerned and have asked me to draw your attention to this practice. I would be grateful if parents of all cyclists could watch the video below with their son/daughter. The pupil shown is not a Verulam pupil, but I fear some boys may be tempted to emulate this behaviour with potentially dire consequences.

Link to Video


As you will be aware, pupils participated in their second CED on Tuesday 7th November. Each year group undertook a variety of different tasks during the day.

Year 7 undertook STEP activities.

Year 8 had a day in the Languages Department, the highlights of which included Spanish tapas and an introduction to Croatian with Miss Blyth.

Year 9 had an exciting day of STEM activities across three departments. In Maths, they worked on patterns with lines and circles. In Technology, they designed and constructed bridges of spaghetti. The best bridge held 70 times its own weight! In Science, boys enjoyed a range of space activities which included making a model of how the planets are spaced within the solar system using toilet paper out on the field. They investigated the production of moon craters and modelled this using plasticine landing into flour and cocoa. The slow motion video of this will be uploaded onto our Facebook page.

Finally, we had a competition to design a rocket. The boys did brilliantly and the rockets were launched. Again, the video will be uploaded onto our Facebook for your enjoyment.

The Year 10 boys’ day focussed on bullying. They watched Lord of the Flies and wrote and presented their own Behaviour Code of Conduct.

Year 11 students had an introduction to Life at University from the University of Hertfordshire.

Year 12 were offsite and enjoyed some free time at the Science Museum, Natural History Museum or the Imperial Museum.

Psychology students had fun during a trip to London Zoo.

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Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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