News from Mr Ramsey

Procedure briefings

On Monday and Tuesday I used our assemblies to speak to all pupils about the importance of good behaviour at school. I made clear the link between an ordered environment and the impact on pupil welfare and the ability to make good progress and succeed.

I took this opportunity to highlight a new policy we have implemented in the Verulam Lesson. From now on, teachers will insist on a silent start and end to every lesson in Years 7 to 11.

Following a review of policy, we have also introduced an Exclusion Room. So far this has been used sparingly, and I fully expect this to drop even lower. I felt it was a necessary tool to support the very small minority of our students who occasionally need their own space to refocus on their studies, before shortly returning to class.

Mr Dannie has also introduced a new canteen queuing system which has improved the lunchtime experience for all students. This will operate on a rota basis in order to guarantee fairness.

Increasing pupil safety

We are focused on the security of all of our pupils and continuously review our policies and procedures to this end. As such, we have installed narrow field CCTV cameras which will record activity in front of the sinks and entrance of the bathrooms only. The camera will not capture images of the urinals or toilet stalls and the feed will only be viewed when necessary.

Advice for Bonfire Night

Our local police officers have asked us to advise all parents to remind their sons/daughters to behave in a considerate and thoughtful manner this weekend in their communities during the bonfire night celebrations.

P A Ramsey


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