News from Mr Ramsey

Behaviour for Learning

As parents may remember, along with the introduction to the Head of School System this term I also took personal charge of behaviour.

Having monitored the situation for the last half term I am implementing a more rigorous, back to basics approach to ensuring good order, safety and effective learning across the school. This is because a small but significant minority of pupils in some years are disrupting good order and the learning of others. We will be stressing the need for pupils to follow instructions immediately and not to debate with staff. I will be explaining this to all pupils on Monday 30th October in assemblies.

Parent Governor Election

I would like to thank all those parents who stood as candidates for the parents governor vacancy and the results are as follows:



Stewart Beale


Tracey Brodrick


Nicholas Chivers


Brent Gregory Leyshon


Paul Mullen


Many congratulations to Tracey Brodrick who has been duly elected.

P A Ramsey


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