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Open Morning

I would like to thank all parents, pupils and staff for a very successful Open Morning on Saturday. The school was very busy in all departments and I spoke to over 1,100 visitors in the Hall.

I am delighted that I received a record number of emails of congratulations from prospective parents about the behaviour and enthusiasm of tour guides and other pupils who were ambassadors for Verulam on the day.

I was particularly impressed by the maturity and confidence of our Year 7 guides.


Thank you to all parents, pupils and staff who helped us to achieve our target, the final tally for contributions was 3851.

Youth Talk

This week in assembly, Sixth Form students gave a presentation about Youth Talk which is a charity we are supporting at the Abbey Service this year. Over the next two weeks Mr Hall will be organising the sale of charity wristbands to all pupils so they can show their support for this organisation on Abbey Service day, 20th October.

Youth Talk is a local charity which helps young people from 13-25 years old who are suffering with stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and other mental health issues.

Established over 20 years’ ago, they help over 190 people annually. The service, which is fully confidential, relies entirely on donations and provides excellent counselling and support.

Young people can refer themselves by calling 01727 868684, or via the organisation’s website


I have been asked by the local police to highlight the dangers of reckless cycling and particularly the risk posed by young people doing tricks on the public highway. There have been a number of incidents recently where young people doing wheelies have had near misses with cars and commercial vehicles.

At school, we now insist that cyclists leave only by the vehicle exit on Jennings Road and I have been present at the end of the school day on a number of evenings to point out the importance of stopping at the junction and looking with care before cycling onto the highway. Jennings Road is relatively narrow and frequently blocked by traffic which makes observation difficult.

P A Ramsey

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