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Book Polishing

Book polishing is an important part of learning both in the classroom and at home as it helps students secure learning and address their weaknesses.  Students are asked to do this task in lessons but would also benefit from completing it at home every couple of weeks.  In order to ensure that their exercise books are in order students should complete all of the following:

  • Complete missing or unfinished work
  • AFL Yellow sheets – Pupil must fill in response or action
  • Presentation policy – underlining titles and Spelling corrections / capitals
  • Use of coloured pens / highlighters and boxes to highlight key learning from each lesson
  • Correcting work
  • Sticking in worksheets and hand-outs
  • 6th Form should ensure all notes are well organised in files.

Headmaster’s commendations

This week’s commendations goes to Jamie Escuder on being an excellent team player during our recent Business Enterprise Conference and also to  Sam Tillin on his individual performance during last week’s Mathsfest 2019.

I would also like to commend Mr Knowles for his bravura in front of an audience at this week’s Big Science lesson live broadcast.

P A Ramsey



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