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Best Meal of the Day?

I was talking to a Year 9 Food Technology group earlier this week and was surprised to find that a significant number of pupils had not eaten breakfast.

I therefore decided to conduct a small, admittedly relatively unscientific survey to see how widespread this survey was. I therefore questioned 12 forms between Years 8-10 on Wednesday morning. The results were slightly worrying with approximately 15% of pupils saying that they had not eaten breakfast. When asked why they had not eaten breakfast, the most common response was that they did not have time for breakfast in the morning as they were rushing to get to school.

All the scientific and education research shows that success in school is helped by taking the time to enjoy a good nutritious breakfast which provides students with adequate fuel for the day. We certainly notice that students who have not eaten breakfast do not perform well in morning lessons and flag later during the day.
Moreover, some research shows that eating a healthy breakfast gave students a significant advantage in test performance.

I would be grateful if parents would discuss this issue with their son or daughter if they do not regularly eat breakfast.

For those who cannot eat at home breakfast is also available in the canteen from 8.00 to 8.30.

Icons Debate

Next half term pupils in Year 7-9 will be taking part in a debating project to find out who is the most popular icon. Pupils will argue for their preferred candidate during form time with each form finally selecting an icon who they feel has made the greatest contribution to human life and culture. The final will take place on the last day of term with a live inter form debate in the hall.

Litter free school

Our key behaviour target for the next year is to help pupils to become more self regulating and to ensure their behaviour is excellent even when unsupervised. As part of this process, we are challenging the pupils to make the school litter free next term. If they are successful pupils will be awarded a non uniform day on the last day of term.

Headmaster’s commendations

This week’s commendation goes to Ronnie Ward Year 7 for hard work and perseverance.

P A Ramsey

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