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GCSE Food Technology

Year 11 Food students have been completing their final practical this week, the Non Exam Assessment, which is worth 35% of their final GCSE. This year, the exam board gave them a choice of three tasks, to plan, prepare, cook and present 3 dishes for either ‘Asian Cuisine’, ‘Appealing and nutritionally beneficial to Teenagers’ or ‘foods for vegetarians and vegans’.

I visited throughout the week and have been really impressed with the students’ focus and determination to finish on time. The presentation of some of the dishes has been exceptional and would rival some restaurants.

The Asian Cuisine task was the most popular option and led to a wide variety of dishes including Sushi, Chicken Katsu Curry, a variety of Thai Curries with homemade pastes, homemade naan bread and homemade noodles.

For the Teenagers’ task the boys produced lasagne and moussaka and even a Victoria sponge with homemade jam. Just one student selected the vegan and vegetarian task and created a vegetable quiche and lasagne.

Importantly, the food tasted fantastic and received a warm welcome from the staff tasters. Congratulations to all involved.

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Many thanks to all those parents who attended this week’s parents’ evening. Whilst teaching staff gave individual feedback myself and Mr Flack presented advice on exam preparation and revision to three small groups of parents. I have attached the presentation to this week’s Verulam Voice.

Drugs Awareness Assemblies

This week in assembly, Years 9-13 were given a presentation by Mr Flack and Mrs Harrison on illegal drug abuse amongst young people.  The focus was particularly on cannabis as a recent NHS survey revealed that 24% of 11-15 year olds have experimented with recreational drugs such as cannabis.  This is a 9% rise in the last four years.  More of this age group experiment with cannabis than with cigarettes or tobacco.

The assembly looked at the impact drug abuse has on young people’s friendship groups, recreational activities, mental health as well as the dangers long term use has on cognitive development.

Students were made aware of Verulam School’s Drugs Policy and also how the law applies to minors should they be caught in possession outside of school.

If students or parents are concerned by any of the issues raised in the assembly, please contact Mr Flack, Mrs Harrison, Hertfordshire Charity A-Dash on 01992 531917 or FRANK 0800 776600.

 Headmaster’s commendations

Congratulations to Rhys Armstrong from the Upper Sixth who has gained his Private Pilot’s Licence.  This took over 3 years during which he undertook 42 flying hours.  He has passed an interview with CAE Oxford to undertake commercial pilot licence training in September.

P A Ramsey



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