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AAT Learning Visit

On Thursday 25th October, the trustees and board members of the Alban Academies Trust visited the Ridgeway Academy, Verulam School and Sandringham School. The aim of the visit was to introduce them to all the schools. The feedback I have received was extremely positive and I am pleased to report that they found the general atmosphere at Verulam to be both “consistent” and “hard working”. They also commented that “all students have a point of view and are confident in expressing it, Prefects are of a high quality and are very articulate” and that “students feels they can work hard at this school.”

Lin Keen, the Chair of the Trust, said “This was the first time that all of the Members and Trustees paid a formal visit to all three trust schools and for many, it was their first visit to some of the schools – they were suitably impressed! Those who had visited previously were also delighted by the experience. It was, as planned, a very informative day but more than that it was an experience that made us proud to be on the AAT board.

We felt that each school has a distinctly different character – it was never our intention to compare them in any way, just to increase our
understanding. We were impressed with the different things we saw in each of the three schools….but certain things were common and consistent throughout:

– we were greeted very warmly by leadership, eager to show off their respective schools
– all of the staff were very open and talked enthusiastically about their work
– the students were delightful – highly articulate and great ambassadors for their schools

This consistent positivity, optimism and aspiration made us all the more determined to work hard for the benefit of the trust.”

Medical Appointments

We are making a small change to how morning medical appointments are recorded on the registers. Any medical appointments with an arrival after 8.40am but before 9.30am will be coded as late and therefore a standard late text will be sent to parents. Previously these were coded as M which counts against a student’s school attendance figure. Parents should be reassured that no sanctions will apply for late arrivals to school due to medical appointments.

Head of Year 7 Update

I am pleased to announce that Mrs Nelson, Head of Year 7, is expecting a baby. It is her intention to work as long as possible and therefore it is likely that she will leave at February half term.

I am delighted that we have been successful in recruiting a first-class replacement for Mrs Nelson. Miss McInally, an experienced Head of Year will be joining the school in January 2019 from Park Academy West London. Her initial role will be to cover the Head of Year 7 role from February half term until the end of the academic year. The overlap from January to February will allow Miss McInally to get to know Year 7 and ensure a seamless transfer of leadership.

Headmaster’s Commendations

This week I would like to congratulate the following Year 11 students who undertook work experience during the week of 22nd October. They were all praised highly for the work they did and are fantastic ambassadors for the school. They are: Eddie Cook, Max Robertson, Ellis Greaves, Edward Earl, Alexandre Kouda, Richard Carabine, Joseph Groombridge, James Dalton, Thomas McLaughlin, Ollie Seeby and Jacob Saunders.

P A Ramsey

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