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Healthy Food in the Canteen

Having spoken to a number of Year 7 parents this half term we have resolved to extend the range of healthy options in the canteen.
The Canteen Manager, Mrs Barford, has therefore introduced dairy free shakes, fruit yo-yos, chopped mixed fruit bags and a choice of tomato or tuna pasta salad. These new items are in addition to foods that already contain the vitamins and vegetables pupils need albeit discreetly hidden in a boy friendly way. For instance, our pasta sauces are vitamin enriched and our pizza even has a healthy vegetable layer. All of our drinks are fruit based and do not contain added sugar.

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

Free School Meals

Many parents are unfortunately unaware that their sons or daughters are eligible for free school meals. At Verulam, those eligible receive £2.30 per day which is loaded remotely onto their smartcards. We would encourage any parent who feels they may be eligible to apply online at:

All students and visitors to the school are advised to take extra care on site during the icy weather.

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