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Clarification on new GCSE grading system

The Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, has made a significant change to the new GCSE grading system in a letter she published this week. The new grading system which comes into use with English and Maths GCSEs this summer, gives number grades from 1-9 which replaces the existing A*-E system. Previously, the government had described grade 5 as a “good pass”. However, her letter outlined the following changes:

  • The government will no longer report on the “good pass”. Instead, it has said that a grade 4 will be a “standard pass” and a grade 5 will be a “strong pass” and that it will report on both in performance tables.
  • A grade 4 is – and will remain – the level that pupils must achieve in order not to be required to continue studying English and maths post-16. Previous guidance had indicated that it would move to grade 5 after 2019.
  • Where employers, FE providers and universities currently accept a grade C, they will be expected to continue to recognise a grade 4.

Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform comes into force on 25th April. The rules are as follows: Either

  • Pupils can wear normal full school uniform or
  • A tailored short sleeved shirt – with a Verulam badge – worn outside the trousers


  • A short or long sleeved shirt – without a Verulam badge – shirt must be tucked in and a school tie must be worn.

Male Sixth Form students should continue to wear shirts and ties but may dispense with jackets. Female Sixth Form students must maintain a high standard of business dress. Skirts must be knee length and skirts and tops should be appropriate for a business environment. Strappy tops or dresses are not permitted.

All pupils may continue to wear a tie if they wish.

Pupils may wear a blazer without wearing a tie.

Pupils may not wear jumpers, hoodies, jackets or training shoes.

If the weather is cold, pupils should return to wearing a blazer in order to keep warm.

Drugs Awareness Talk

Please note that this talk will be rearranged for after the Easter break and not now be held on 3rd April.

Book polishing

Pupils in Years 7-10 will be asked to ensure they review their exercise books next week during our half termly ‘book polishing week’. In particular, they should focus on completing any missing work, highlighting key learning and responding to any assessment comments made by staff.

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