Maths Fest

On Tuesday 6th February, a group of Year 12 students and I were lucky enough to attend the annual Maths Fest hosted by Matt Parker event at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. Over the course of the day, we were lucky enough to hear from a variety of mathematicians from all areas of industry who taught us about what maths meant to them and how they use it in their everyday jobs.

Whilst a variety of topics were discussed, one common trait was shared by all of them: a clear passion and love for mathematics. This made the entirety of the day not only engaging, but entertaining too.

My personal favourite was Ben Sparks, who demonstrated the beautiful patterns created by maths in the world around us and even broke into song towards the end of his lecture. It was a very successful trip, and I think I can speak for everyone who went when I say that is was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Adam Pringle 12CPF

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