Mathematics Feast 2019

On Monday 11th March, eight of our most-able Year 10 Mathematicians took part in a County-wide Mathematics competition called The Maths Feast which is part of the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. Jake Walters, Finlay Killner, Charlie Powell, Joe Robinson, Sam Tillin, Owen Caminsky, Huw Dawson and Benedict Aird battled their way through 4 rounds.

The Starter was a Merry-Go-Round which comprised of 15 challenging questions under extreme time pressure; in The Main Course, they had to digest different complex Algorithms and learnt that the search engine Google was launched on one of these and that a mathematician has discovered through algorithms that everyone is only separated from everyone else in the entire universe by 6 connections! The Dessert was problem-solving and as if 3-courses were not enough, the Verulam teams challenged themselves further with a fourth course of Mathematics: Petits Fours which was a relay round.

The boys did extremely well and huge congratulations go to Sam Tillin for winning the individual Pentagon Competition.

It was a very enjoyable event and the boys conducted themselves brilliantly throughout – very well done to the boys for this achievement!

Mrs S Wright

Maths Department

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