Launch of LGBT+ social/support group

Over the last term we have been working on a project to launch a social/support group for LGBT+ students. Many other schools across St Albans and indeed the county already have established groups and Verulam is keen to do the same.

As part of the process we are asking the opinions of students for the kind of group and activities that should be offered by the school to support LGBT+ students within the school community. We have issued an anonymous questionnaire via Show My Homework for students from all year groups to respond to. So far in the first day we have had over 100 respondents and the overwhelming response has been incredibly positive in support of LGBT+ students. This shows the caring nature of students in the school and a great support and understanding of diversity within the school population.

The results of the survey will be used to launch the group after Christmas and start a support process for students who struggle with the reality of coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity. It is for these reasons that Verulam is keen to offer the best possible support for our students. We would ask you to encourage your child to respond to the questionnaire, whether or not they identify as LGBT+, as everyone has a part to play in the well being of everyone in school. The survey will be live over Christmas to give everyone a chance to respond if they so wish.

Mr L Knowles
Second in Science

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