Launch of new magazine “VERgraphical”

Today we launch a new magazine which will be published termly. This can be located on our school website under the Students tab.

To sum up what VERgraphical is about, a word from the editors would seem appropriate:

“Our magazine is designed to showcase the immense talent of the Verulam Geography Department and brings together all of what has been learnt in the previous term. VERgraphical is written by the students, for the students, to help further their learning and own knowledge outside of lesson.

This term’s issue is all about food and how it affects the world around us. Food was one of the very first products to be transported internationally and so it makes sense that it is also the topic of our first VERgraphical magazine. Written by our A-level students, this magazine is from the very heart of our school community and we are excited to feature work from: Max Bell, Tom Kellard, Rob McKee.

We hope you enjoy our first issue …….”

Successful Ofsted Inspection at Verulam School

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