Herts Young Homeless

Verulam’s 2018 Abbey Service is proud to be promoting the charity of Herts Young Homeless to accompany its central theme which revolves around the question; “What is a home?”.

To prepare for this, the senior prefect team have visited Herts Young Homeless and learned about their fundraising and awareness methods. They look forward to launching fundraising and awareness events in the next school year, which will begin with an assembly in the early weeks to inform pupils about Herts Young Homeless and the amazing work they do. If you want to get ahead of this information about the charity, please check out their website (https://www.hyh.org.uk/) and get involved volunteering over the summer, as back to school time is when they’re most in demand.

All students and visitors to the school are advised to take extra care on site during the icy weather.

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