GCSE to A-Level

The transition from GCSE to A-Level is a significant one and students have to work harder, smarter, sooner. The new A-Level format means that students will not know their final grade until the end of a two year course as there are no longer modular exams in most subjects.

Thus the Key Stage 5 team has been working hard together with subject teachers and students to best prepare them for this transition into A-Level. We have three main aims:

  1. Students to be organised for study both inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Preparation for each lesson and study periods they are timetabled for, as well as after school hours.
  3. To be able to revise with mind maps and other revision strategies.

The aim is to complete our first priority with students having clear, organised and well managed course folders. Each folder will have a course overview, parallel preparation programme and an assessment tracker per subject. The rest of the folder organisation is up to individual classroom teachers, but the majority of subjects will include class notes, wider reading, homework tasks and key words.

The second aim will require students to plan ahead and use their study periods and after school hours wisely. For this we have created a weekly work plan. All Sixth Formers have access to this, both as a paper and electronic copy. Each form tutor will be checking each week the completed WWP to ensure students are making the best use of time, while not losing any personal activity time. Weekly Work Plans will be available on parentmail so that parents and carers can support their child in preparation for learning.

Finally, assessments and trial exams are a key part of life in the Sixth Form and are vital for references and UCAS application. We will be supporting students with revision strategies throughout the year. The first strategy will be mind maps and your sons and daughters will be receiving documentation on this strategy.

At Verulam School, we understand the commitment that students face with studying, working and socialising and we have kept this in mind with our current three aims. We have planned to keep it simple, supportive and strategic. We are, therefore, asking for yourselves, the parents and carers to help in supporting these three aims. Please look through your child’s folders, work with them on their WWP helping to avoid calendar clashes and support them in establishing a clear and quiet revision location.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr N Woodville

Associate Assistant Headteacher

KS5 Study Project Lead

Head of Geography

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