My Fear vs The World

The school is fortunate to have a very talented staff many of whom have interests outside of school.
Mr Jordan, of the English Department is also an accomplished theatre director and playwright. He talks below about his latest play which is now in production.

“I wrote the play ‘My Fear vs The World’ specifically for the Company of Teens group at the Abbey Theatre, a company I’ve been involved with on and off for a number of years. I wanted to write something about how daunting the world can feel for young people nowadays and think back to some of the fears I had as a teenager. What came out as a result of this was an ensemble piece that looks at both the silly and the monumental fears that we all face as we grow up. Charting through different stages of life, the play is at times funny and at others poignant as it addresses how young people can find their way in the world when burdened by so many fears. Over the past few months, I’ve been amazed at how this talented group of actors has taken what I’ve written and really brought it to life. I would love for our students to see the play in the hope that it gives them some perspective on the fears that often seem so all-encompassing.”

‘My Fear vs The World’ will be featured as part of the Welwyn Youth Drama Festival next week and will be performed again at the Abbey Theatre next Thursday 8th March and Friday 9th March. Tickets are available through the Abbey Theatre website.

Ian Jordan

Key Stage 5 English Co-ordinator

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