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Year 11 GCSE Speaking and Listening Assessments

It was a pleasure to listen to Year 11 boys give their speeches expressing their views about ‘Who is to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet’ on CED last week. The boys put a great deal of effort and thought into articulating convincing arguments. The highlights of the day was James Stewart, who spoke about the links he could trace between the plot of the play and religion in Elizabethan England, and Joseph Britten who presented his argument as a murder mystery. Not only does this activity give the boys a Pass/Merit or Distinction for this element of the English Language GCSE, but it also served as an excellent revision tool for the boys.

GCSE English revision guides

At the upcoming Year 10 English Only Parent Consultation Evening on 7th February, sets of 6 revision guides for English Literature and Language will be on sale for £10. If any parents of Year 11 boys missed out on buying this set last week at the Year 11 Parents Consultation Evening, then please send your son to Mrs Avery in Room 4 with £10 as there are still a few Year 11 sets left .

Year 9 Reading

If your son’s reading age was below his chronological age, then you will have received an email from Mr Wallace informing you that your son will be continuing with the Accelerated Reader Programme. Fluency in reading is essential for GCSE success. If you have any questions regarding reading and encouraging boys to read, please get in touch with Mr Wallace.

Mrs P Avery Director of English

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