Duke of Edinburgh

Over the last 4 weeks, 80 Year 10 boys have faced the elements to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award expeditions. They had wind and rain while on their practice through the woods and fields of the Chiltern Hills. They headed out from the Dunstable downs, across Ashridge Forest and camped in Braidwood Scout Site. Many groups found it a real struggle on the first day but were able to develop excellent skills across the day, coming together as a team and understanding the demands of navigation. The second day then seemed like they were naturals, breezing through the return routes.

The weather had changed for the better for the assessed expeditions in the New Forest. Teams still had to adapt and learn to navigate this different terrain and the wild animals. Their routes started on the northern edge of the National Park and they journeyed in towards the centre, camping just south of Lyndhurst. The teams arriving into camp at all times in the evenings were joyful and enjoyed the day’s hike. Many learnt about patience when dealing with the rest of the group and resilience when awakening to aching feet and legs on the second day. All had a very positive attitude throughout and were thankful to see the minibus at the finish point.

Mr T Massey

DoE Coordinator



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