Detentions and Uniforms


Please can we remind parents/carers that the day a detention is set cannot be changed other than in exceptional circumstances.  Any requests to move a detention should only be made to myself and should be received via email before 9.00am on the day the detention has been set for.  Please email [email protected] for the attention of Mr A Flack. The detention should serve as a deterrent and should be served as soon as possible after the offence. If a detention is issued, please check MCAS and speak to your child about the reasons for the detention and how they can amend their actions or behaviour so that they are not repeated.


Unfortunately, in recent weeks, we have noted a decline in the appearance of some of the boys around school. From Monday students will be issued with a C3 if they are not correctly attired for school.  This includes having appropriate school shoes, with their shirt tucked in and top button fastened. Can I also remind you that coats must be placed in lockers or a school bag throughout the day and not carried around. Coats may only be worn at lunchtime when the student is outside the school building.


We expect all students to have the appropriate equipment for each lesson. This includes pens, pencils, calculator and highlighters. Boys are also expected to have their planner with them throughout the day, which should be placed on their desk in front of them when they are in lessons

Mr A Flack

Deputy Headteacher


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